Thursday, June 2, 2016

Charge Teens For A Share Of The Cell Phone Family Plan

The Pay Mom Lock Screen

“Huh? It costs money every month to use my smartphone?”

OK, not an unreasonable surprise for an 8 year old. But a 35 year old?! That would be crazy, right?

Maybe not when you consider that one poll found 40% of parents with adult children between the ages of 18 and 35 were still paying for their kids’ cell phone service.

Sure, the family plan is a great deal. But that doesn’t mean Junior can’t chip in. You won’t be doing your grown kids any favors if they don’t have a clue about what everyday shared services actually cost. Educate them before they leave the nest.

How? Make sure your kids share some skin in the family plan by allocating some of the costs to them each month.

How much per month? Your call, but the average amount parents are currently billing on is $18.33 per month.

Getting a little static from Junior about your cost sharing scheme? Tell him to go research what it would cost to have his own plan.


Welcome back to the family plan, Junior.

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