Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Reward Your Kid With A Spot Bonus Today

Spot Bonus Change Jar

Lots of companies reward employees with spot bonuses. It always feels good to be recognized on the spot for a job well done.

What if parents rewarded kids with spot bonuses too?

Lots of parents are doing just that on our family finance site.

Check out this sampling of recent spot bonus reasons pulled from anonymous transaction data:

  • “Bonus for a Great Wednesday Folder!”
  • “Great job on Math!”
  • “Excellent report card. You make me so proud.”
  • “Good week of class.”
  • “A on unit 8 math test — great job!”
  • “Very good job on the english quiz”
  • “Great report card!”
  • Study hard bonus — thank you”
  • “Great Soccer Games!”
  • “6 steals!”
  • “80-mile bike mark”
  • “Being super awesome at Karate”
  • “Black belt test”
  • “Caught using the same cup!”
  • “Good rule-following during sleepover”
  • “For helping around the house without being asked. :-)”
  • “Studying 4 days, keeping room picked up, no troubs in school. Thanks bud!”
  • “Great job accepting a ‘no’”
  • “No incidents”
  • “For making good grades and being good. Smooch!”
  • “Great job keeping your room clean every night for 2 weeks in a row!”
  • “Great Listening!”
  • “Bonus for being helpful and having a positive attitude”
  • “Being Super Helpful!!!!”
  • “Helping when no one else did”
  • Helped without complaint
  • Bonus for helping me make lunch. Thanks!”
  • “Thanks for helping blow the driveway.”
  • “Helping straighten house for party”
  • “For helping Dad with lights”
  • “For finding last 2 ornaments
  • “Great job helping me on Sunday”
  • “Helping paint and clean up jobsite”
  • “Helping Grandpa”
  • “For helping in the garden”
  • “Help with cleanup for realtor”
  • “Helping dad at work”
  • “Helping at church”
  • “Helped with making Curry Chicken”
  • “Help with groceries
  • “Clothes off floor!”
  • “Mated 2 pair of socks”
  • “For cleaning up the kitchen by yourself. Nice job!”
  • “Cleaning house today, thanks!”
  • “For cleaning the window ledges! Thank you.”
  • “For doing dirty dishes — Thank you.”
  • “Doing the dishes with your sister”
  • “Good Morning Bonus!”
  • “So proud of you!”
  • “For being awesome!”
  • “Random action of kindness

See a match for your kid?

If you don’t like the idea of a monetary reward, try a non-monetary one: staying up an extra hour on the weekend, an extra hour of computer or gaming time, a sleepover with friends, an ice cream, a movie, or whatever privilege or treat your kid treasures.

The words accompanying your spot bonus make a big difference too, whether delivered by a surprise account activity alert or in person.

My favorite good-vibe-inducing spot bonus keyword is proud, as in: “I’m proud of you.” I’ve found it’s a sentiment that warms the heart of even the most jaded teen.

So, catch your kids doing something good today. Then reward them with a bonus and a kind word.

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