Friday, October 20, 2017

Show Teens The Top Of the Stock Market

An elusive mountain summit.

The stock market can be a mighty dry topic for teens. That’s a shame, because jumping in early is a huge advantage.

So, you’ll need a compelling hook to capture attention and make your key points stick. Points like: don’t miss out by trying to time the market.

Try this clever teaching prop. It’s a picture of the history of the “top” of the market. It’s a classic I see floating around the Internet periodically in one form or another.

Visual. Amusing. Instructive. A teen teaching trifecta!

This picture makes it pretty darn clear that nobody knows for sure when the top of the market will come.

And even if this is the top of the market now, the odds are pretty darn good it won’t be down the road. Like decades from now when your teenager is 59 and a half.

You know, the age your teen will start selling off those index funds in that killer Roth IRA you set up.

Wait, what? You’ve been holding off on plunking your teen’s Roth contributions into an index fund? Well, it would be dumb to start Junior off at the top of the market, right?

Study that picture again.

Whether the market is at the top, the bottom, or somewhere in between, just jump in. And keep jumping in year after year.

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  1. I am interested to know what's the trailing shadow below. I guess (And that's me guessing), there are a lot of investment or trades that is made out of loans and a "crash" may not crash the index but it does crash a person life savings or put them in debt.