Thursday, March 29, 2018

Charge Kids A Mediation Fee For Dispute Resolution

A mom gavel that makes kids pay.

“Mom, Taylor took more than half the ice cream!”

“Yeah, but Haley had more last time!”

“No I didn't!!”

“Yes, you did!!”


Here comes the judge!

You know the drill. It’s dispute resolution time. Never pretty.

What if the kids just resolved these little kerfuffles peacefully themselves? Yeah right.

Well, maybe it’s possible...

A dad named Jon K. shared this clever conflict resolution hack on Facebook:

We try to encourage [our kids] to solve their own disputes. We tell them that they can get my wife or I involved to figure out a resolution. But we charge a “mediation fee” (usually $.50 or $1) from each, and we promise that if their dispute goes to mediation, we’ll find a way to make sure that neither “wins”.

We’ve seen parents charge kids for inconveniences on our family finance site before — chauffeur fees, cleaning fees, you name it. But never mediation fees. Brilliant.

So, from now on kiddos, think twice before you call mom or dad to mediate. We’ll make you pay!

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