Friday, February 26, 2016

Discuss Dee-1's Car Obsession With Your Kids

Today’s fantastic family finance video is:

Frugal Rap Ride

Dee-1 is a very popular New Orleans rapper. Dee-1 is obsessed with his car. Dee-1 drives a…

Wait for it…

’98 Honda Accord with 262,000 miles and a flaky radiator.

Surprised? Indeed.

Dee-1’s message: “Dawg, I’m not defined by my car.”

Bravo. Now there’s a rap message every parent can get behind.

Sit down with your kids and watch Dee-1 share his “teachable moment” about his frugal ride in this 5 minute interview.

Who knew frugality could be so dope1.

P.S.: The parental advisory for explicit content at the beginning is guaranteed to make your kids pay close attention. But no worries folks. All clean.

P.P.S. Just to pile on, Dee-1 also paid off his student loans and rapped about it here. Gold.

1That means “so good” in modern parlance.

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