Friday, February 19, 2016

Kidnap Ninja Turtles for Chore Ransom?

Today’s fantastic family finance article is:

Ninja Turtle Ransom Note

Is holding your kid’s toys for ransom clever or criminal? Clever, if done as a lighthearted introduction to a thoughtful chore routine.

Sometimes youngsters just don’t know — or don’t want to know — what they’re capable of when it comes to helping out around the house.

Two South Carolina brothers didn’t know until mom kidnapped their Ninja Turtle toys. To free the figurines, they had to earn points through chores and good behavior. They complied and got their beloved turtles back one by one over 4 weeks.

Remember, this was just an initial gambit to make the boys understand they were perfectly capable of handling typical household tasks. With capabilities and expectations set, mom moved on to a more traditional chore system.

The takeaway: a creative jolt might be just what your youngsters need to jump-start their chore habit.

Read more about this mom’s misdemeanor in today’s article. It’s a mini-crime that just might pay.

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