Friday, March 18, 2016

Tune into BizKids for Money Talk Topics

Today’s fantastic family finance article is:

Money Topic Clips on the TV

Are you struggling to figure out which money topics to broach with your kids? Not sure how to start the dialog?

Try a short online video clip from Biz Kids. Biz Kids is an Emmy Award-winning public television series that stitches together little skits and vignettes about kids, money, and business.

The quickest way to locate a topic is to view the Lesson Plan Topic page in list form.

Jump to a topic like “What’s Up With The Stock Market?” You’ll find a summary of what’s covered in the episode, a formal lesson plan for teachers, and a link to the episode clips (lower right hand side).

Watch a clip or two with your child. Boom. Money topic broached.

Something funny, interesting, confusing in the video? Boom. Money dialog started.

Time to get biz-y with your kids.

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