Saturday, April 2, 2016

Private College Rejection: More Blessing Than Bummer?

Today’s fantastic family finance article is:

Rejection With Silver Lining

Here’s an April Fools Day story from The Onion that may be more truth than spoof.

Emily Harrison’s academic failure to get into USC saves her from a $370,000 financial disaster, loan repayment struggles, credit card debt, and crushed dreams of owning a home. Congratulations!

Seriously though, this comic story of spiraling college costs might be less tongue-in-cheek and more wits-at-end. Especially when you consider that a private college pedigree may not pack much of an extra pay punch.

So, be sure to do the math with your teen on that private college degree before submitting the application.

Unlike lucky Emily, your teen might just get accepted. Doh!

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