Monday, April 18, 2016

Teach Kids How To Catch Phish

Phishing Text

“Hey dad, the bank just texted me. What’s my account number, PIN, and security code again?”

Uh oh. Your kid is about to swallow a phishing attempt hook, line, and sinker.

Make sure your kid knows that any email, text message, or phone call asking for sensitive information is most likely fraud. Do not click. Do not call. Do not respond.

If the message is from an unknown source, has odd grammar or spelling, or makes a ridiculous offer from a Nigerian prince, coach your kid to just delete it.

Even if the message seems legitimate, coach your kids to look up the contact information for the institution separately. Look on the back of the card. Look at a recent account statement. Google the name. Then, contact the institution directly to see if there is a valid issue.

When it comes to communicating about sensitive information, make sure your kids are the ones casting the line, not the ones taking the bait.

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