Thursday, September 8, 2016

Let Kids Know Legitimate Services Don’t BCC You

BCC Phishing Email

My brother just emailed me. Apparently, he wants to share something with me on Google Docs. Just click on the link.

Hmm, weird. The To line in his email is empty. My email address is in the BCC line instead.

Red flag!

Let your kids know that legitimate services — financial or otherwise — do not send emails with the recipient on the BCC line instead of the To line.

Sure enough, my brother didn’t send the email. It’s fraudulent. Glad I stayed away from that link!

All it takes is one hasty click on a link and one careless download to put a fraudster on a path toward your financial accounts. You just can’t remind your kids enough: cyber security and financial security go hand in hand.

Share this example with your kids so they don’t get blindsided by a blind carbon copy phishing email. Learn more about detecting and handling fraudulent communications in my earlier post: Teach Kids How To Catch Phish.

Phishy emails can come from anywhere, even your own brother. Teach your kids to sniff them out.

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