Monday, September 26, 2016

Take Your Family Swear Jar Online

Digital Swear Jar

The swear jar is a time honored family tradition for breaking bad habits.

Let loose with a four letter word around the house, and into the jar a payment goes.

But now, like everything else payment related, the penalty pot is going online.

Hip families are setting up a separate prepaid card or subaccount to replace the brick and mortar cuss container.

Make a transgression, and, boom, the penalty payment is just one tap away. No more chasing down the offender to cough up cash or coins for the jar. Instead, it’s:

  • An instant electronic transfer from the offender’s account to the swear jar account,
  • Captured in a permanent transaction history for handy perusal the next time the offender whines about being low on funds, and even
  • Real-time text alerts broadcast to the family — just to rub it in a little. Nothing like a little group schadenfreude!

And swear jars aren’t just for cussing. Any bad habit will do. Here are just a few infractions (gathered anonymously) that have racked up demerits within families this month:

  • Hurting a sibling (Biting is a favorite!)
  • Blowing off chores
  • Cell phone data overages
  • Being home late
  • Messy room
  • Screeching
  • Backtalk (A teen classic that includes muttering under your breath. And, yes, your mom can hear you!)
  • Slamming doors (another teen classic)
  • Attitude (the teen catch-all)
  • Lying (future politicians anyone?)

What should families do with their overflowing swear jar accounts? Donate the proceeds to charity, or spend them on something that benefits the whole family.

So do family swear jars really curb bad behavior?

Who gives a shiitake! At minimum, they’re just good clean family fun.

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