Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Browse Your Kid's Transactions For Great Gift Card Ideas

Mom holding phone with son's card transactions

Gift cards are the go-to gift for last minute shoppers — especially relatives chasing down that birthday or holiday gift for junior. Gift cards are easy to mail and more personal than cash.

That said, just going down to the local grocery store and plucking a card off the rack doesn’t feel all that personal or thoughtful. How do you know it’s a winner for your young recipient? How do you choose a card that’s unique and surprising, yet useful?

Do a little spending research on your subject.

For kids who use a checking account or prepaid card with parental online access, it’s easy and quick. Just browse through your child’s transaction history for clues.

Scanning through the recent purchases by my 14 year old son yields several instant winners:

  • A Newegg gift card — He built his own custom gaming PC a while back and is always upgrading parts. I see transactions for a memory upgrade and a new gaming mouse. I’m sure there’s more to come.
  • A Steam gift card — What’s a hot gaming rig without games? I’m seeing about a game transaction a month.
  • A Pizza My Heart gift card — Looks like that’s the local go-to spot for hanging with the buddies downtown.
  • A Tea For U gift card — There’s the time he got that $4 specialty tea downtown and later regretted it because of the ridiculous price! But he is quite the tea hound, and that might be a good surprise gift for guilt-free special occasions.

Boom. Instant winning gift ideas for Grandma S. and Grammy J. when they call at the last minute during the holidays. Like they do every year. :-)

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