Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Let Kids Gift Service Bucks Instead Of Stuff

Kid Service Dollar

I don’t want my kids to buy me any more stuff for birthdays or holidays.

But, I do want my kids to practice thoughtful gift giving and experience all of its benefits.

The answer? Kid service bucks.

Let your kids give you a voucher for a favorite service they can provide personally.

Like what? Culling through some anonymous transactions on our family finance site turns up an eclectic set of services that parents value. How do I know these services are valued? Because I can see parents are already paying top dollar for them!

Here are some favorites I found. They run the gamut from the practical to the quirky:

  • back scratches
  • hand drawn pictures
  • cleaning the fish tank
  • mowing the lawn
  • whacking the weeds
  • cleaning out and organizing drawers
  • washing the car
  • taking the car to the car wash (for driving teens)
  • babysitting younger siblings
  • planning and making their own school lunches
  • making mom’s or dad’s lunches for work
  • helping mom or dad cook dinners
  • making dinners
  • planning a week of meals
  • running errands
  • handling car pool pickups (for driving teens)
  • being awesome (that earned one kid $6 — clearly a high value service!)

See any you’d appreciate? Start dropping some hints to your kids. Maybe it’s time to “accidentally” leave a wishlist on the counter.

Kids can draw the vouchers by hand or make kid service dollars using the same technique I use for making Mom/Dad dollars.

Oh, and just in case my kids are reading: a handmade card and a few bike rides with Dad make the perfect gift for me!

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