Thursday, August 3, 2017

Pay Your Kid To Do Some Dirty Work

Dog with mouth open wide.

In my anonymous tour through recent transactions on our family finance site today, I found this gem for an industrious 11 year old:

Bonus cleanup of dog throw up $5.00

One parent’s dirty work is another kid’s economic opportunity.

I won’t regale you with the keywords I used to locate similar transactions, but it turns out the bowser barf bonus comes up (so to speak) from time to time. Payments range from $3 to $5.

And barf pays better than the other end. The average pup poop patrol payment hovers around $1.00.

Or, you could shift to rats:

Change rat bedding $1.50

And finally, number two apparently beats number one according to this item:

Empty pee bucket $0.25

Hmm, I don’t want to know either, but let’s assume it’s on a farm somewhere!

On the less dirty and more lucrative side of the ledger, we have:

Washing Dogs and Cleaning Kitchen $13.00
Upholstery cleaning $25.00

Wondering how much to shell out for that dirty job? You might be able to calibrate your offer based on this payment data for more normal chores.

If you can’t think of any dirty jobs for your kids to do, how about some dangerous ones instead?

Otherwise, challenge the kids to come up with opportunities themselves. And let them negotiate their own compensation. It’s good practice.

Once the kids master some dirty work around the house for you, they’ll be ready to level up to a sucky summer job for somebody else next year.

Why push your kid to take on crappy work? It builds character. And, it pays.

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