Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Give Your Kid a Prepaid Card for Online Gaming, Save $7,625.88

Gamer and Credit Card

The folks at GamenGuide share yet another horror story of a kid going to town with in-game purchases on his parent’s credit card — to the tune of thousands.

Ouch! 😬

There’s a very simple solution (assuming you don’t want to charge your own child with fraud to get the money back):

  1. Get your kid a reloadable prepaid card.
  2. Load it periodically with a gaming budget.
  3. Link the card to your child’s gaming account(s) instead of using your own card.


Gamer money meltdown — and parent-child friction — avoided. Any attempt to overspend on the card will be met with a harmless declined transaction.

Your credit card will thank you. Your child will learn what a budget is. It’s a financial twofer.

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