Monday, January 18, 2016

Write a Formal Loan Rejection Letter to Your Child

Dad Savings and Loan Denied Stamp

What do you say to a chore-evading, free-spending son who wants a loan for $20?


Why? Because you said so!

Or, you could:

  • Type up your response on an official Dad Savings And Loan letterhead.
  • Explain to your son that he has insufficient funds in his account.
  • Mention that his poor on-the-job performance has destroyed his employer’s good will and any chance of an advance.
  • Explain that he has already burned through 80 dollars of discretionary spending funds since Christmas, and how that kind of free-wheeling spending isn’t sustainable.
  • Explain the protocol for disputing this ruling via the complaint resolution department, which coincidentally matches Mom’s cell phone number. (Nice touch, Dad.)

In other words, you could say “no” to your kid’s next unwarranted money request in an incredibly clever, memorable, and educational way — just like one dad did with this mock loan rejection letter.

Now that’s a “no” and a life lesson that just might stick!

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