Saturday, January 30, 2016

Get the Granny Match for Your Teen's Roth IRA

Roth IRA Granny Matches

Bravo to grandparents who are in a secure financial spot!

But that can pose a bit of a problem if they’re lavishing gifts or cash on your teens — stuff your teens don’t need or stuff you’d rather not see them receive. On the flip side, many grandparents have no idea what to give your teens.

Here’s a great solution: the “Granny Match” for working teens. Open up a Roth IRA for your teen using the recipe here.

Get the grandparents to provide the matching portion in step 3. Note: even if your teen can’t contribute a cent, the grandparents can still provide up to the contribution limit as a gift.

Now read some of the other ideas in this article to decide how to invest those funds within the Roth. (Hint: VTI is the go-to option for my teen’s Roth IRAs.)

P.S. Consult your financial advisor first.

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