Friday, September 1, 2017

Help Kids Practice Philanthropy When Disaster Strikes

Shoe in water.

Houston, we have a problem.

No doubt your kids have seen the devastating images of families displaced by the brutal floods of Hurricane Harvey. Kids just like themselves have been driven from their homes.

It’s sad and scary.

Meanwhile, our kids are also witnessing the amazing grace and kindness of citizens pulling together to help those in need.

It’s inspiring and reassuring.

Even from afar, your kids can be a part of that helping spirit. Now is the perfect time to revisit that philanthropy discussion. Use one of these 20 great giving quotes to kick off the conversation.

Remember, no balance built up in a child’s charitable giving account is too small to make a difference. Encourage your child to consider a donation through a reputable organization. Looking at anonymous transaction data for kids on our family finance site, we’ve seen donations to The Salvation Army, The Red Cross, United Way of Greater Houston, Houston Food Bank, and local churches to name just a few. It warms the heart.

Part of the philanthropic discussion should include the importance of doing your homework on the charitable agency itself. That can be a surprisingly tricky and controversial task — even for the largest, most recognizable names. Here’s a prime example you might want to discuss with older teens.

Ultimately, you have to make your own judgement based on the information available. But kids should know that research is an important element of charitable giving. It’s more than just the swipe of a card.

The bonus is that altruism improves your own child’s well being. And, if your child can perform the transaction directly, it’s particularly powerful.

Houston, working together, we have a solution.

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