Sunday, July 17, 2016

Teach Teens To Spot Teaser Rate Tricks

Today’s fantastic family finance article is:

Cat Teaser

“Deception may give us what we want for the present, but it will always take it away in the end.”
~Rachel Hawthorne

“Hey, Dad, that looks like a great deal!’

  • Switch to our phone and save 50% on your monthly service plan! Mumble, mumble, activation fee of $30/line, mumble, mumble, savings end May 31, mumble, mumble, other monthly charges apply, mumble, mumble.
  • Credit card with 0% interest rate! Mumble, mumble, 20.99% after 15 months, mumble, mumble, rate jumps instantly with first missed payment, mumble, mumble.
  • TV and Internet bundle for just $50/month! Mumble, mumble, $80 setup charge, mumble, mumble, standard rates apply beginning month 7, mumble, mumble.
  • Prepaid card with no monthly fee! Mumble, mumble, purchase transaction fee $2, mumble, mumble, decline fee $1, mumble, mumble, ATM fee $2.50, mumble, mumble.

Can you spot a classic teaser offer with your teen today?

Pick it apart together. Read beyond the introductory tease. Sift through all the mumble jumble to determine whether the offer is really a good deal in the long run.

Make sure your kids know a good deal is more than just a good first impression.

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