Friday, July 8, 2016

Turn “Can You Buy Me...?” Into “Can I Afford...?”

Checkout Stand Money Meltdown

The dreaded checkout stand.

Here it comes.

Wait for it...

“Dad, can you buy me some gum?”

“Mom, can you buy me this candy?”


Cue the meltdown.

It’s time to turn “Can you buy me...?” into “Can I afford...?”

How? Let your kids start managing some of their own money instead of begging for yours.

That means your kids need some source of modest income: an allowance, paid chores, odd jobs, birthday money, holiday money, or any combination thereof. Whatever works for your family, your values. The source isn’t nearly as important as the ownership and responsibility.

Make it clear up front that the purchase at the checkout stand is now their decision, not yours. If they have enough money saved up, they’re free to make the purchase.

Spending Mom and Dad’s money? Easy peasy. Spending their own money? Not so fast.

The transformation is magical. Financial ownership will take your kids from money meltdown to money mindfulness.

Now if you hear anything at all at the checkout stand, it’ll be something like: “Dad, I’ve saved $10.95, so I’d like to spend $1.50 on this pack of gum.”

Ahhh. Music to the parental ear.

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