Sunday, July 17, 2016

Teach Teens To Spot Teaser Rate Tricks

Cat Teaser

“Deception may give us what we want for the present, but it will always take it away in the end.”
~Rachel Hawthorne

“Hey, Dad, that looks like a great deal!’

  • Switch to our phone and save 50% on your monthly service plan! Mumble, mumble, activation fee of $30/line, mumble, mumble, savings end May 31, mumble, mumble, other monthly charges apply, mumble, mumble.
  • Credit card with 0% interest rate! Mumble, mumble, 20.99% after 15 months, mumble, mumble, rate jumps instantly with first missed payment, mumble, mumble.
  • TV and Internet bundle for just $50/month! Mumble, mumble, $80 setup charge, mumble, mumble, standard rates apply beginning month 7, mumble, mumble.
  • Prepaid card with no monthly fee! Mumble, mumble, purchase transaction fee $2, mumble, mumble, decline fee $1, mumble, mumble, ATM fee $2.50, mumble, mumble.

Can you spot a classic teaser offer with your teen today?

Pick it apart together. Read beyond the introductory tease. Sift through all the mumble jumble to determine whether the offer is really a good deal in the long run.

Make sure your kids know a good deal is more than just a good first impression.

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