Sunday, July 31, 2016

Help Kids Rehearse The Right Script For Awkward Money Scenes With Friends

Rehearsing a Money Script

Kids often don’t realize, remember, or care that financial circumstances, values, and goals can differ widely among friends. That can lead to some awkward money scenes:

Scene 1:

Child 1: “Come on, let’s go get pizza. It’s only 10 bucks!”
Child 2: “Umm...”

Scene 2:

Child 1: “Come on, your family’s loaded, can’t you just pay for all the movie tickets?”
Child 2: “Umm...”

When thrust into the role of Child 2, does your kid know the right lines? Without a script, knee-jerk feelings of shame, pride, defensiveness, or intimidation might elicit the wrong responses.

So it’s time for a little playacting at home. What’s the money story like when your kid is with friends? Walk through the likely scenes. Work out the lines together.

“No thanks. I brought my lunch today. But I can still go with you, and we can eat together.”

“No. I’m on a budget, and I’m saving up to buy a (used) car. Let’s watch Netflix instead.”

Help your kid find the right words for the right situation.

When it comes to your kid’s awkward money scenes with friends, ditch the improv. Rehearse a solid script to help your child steal the show.

And remind your kid not to be Child 1.

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