Sunday, July 24, 2016

Clip Familiar Financial Articles For Your Kids

Wall Street Journal Chip Article

Does your kid love gaming? Nvidia Shows Off Its New Titan X Chip for Gamers.

Chipotle? Short Sellers Dine On Chipotle.

Movies? Studios Live and Die by the Tomato.

Clothes? Lululemon Still Has Room to Run.

What do all of those recent articles have in common? They’re little snippets of financial education dressed up in topics your kids will find interesting. Mini lessons in business, investing, and economics are hiding among graphics cards, burritos, movie reviews, and exercise pants.

Let’s face it, finance is boring when it isn’t truly personal. That’s why so many people wait until they’re older to take an interest in finance. Unfortunately, finance is suddenly very personal when you’re facing big financial trouble.

Don’t let your kids discover an interest in personal finance the hard way. Help them develop a comfort and familiarity with financial concepts early on.

  • Clip financial articles on topics familiar to your kids. (Or take a picture with your phone and text it like I do now that they’re older.)
  • Discuss them over breakfast or later in the day.
  • Tease out the financial lessons behind the familiar headlines.

Make finance personal for your kids now, so it won’t be a stranger when they need it later.

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