Friday, May 27, 2016

Let Kids Know When They Can Get A Real Job

Today’s fantastic family finance article is:

Child Labor Opportunity

“You’re fired! Now go to your room.”

Yeah, parents make awkward bosses. And your kids make annoying employees.

It’s pretty hard to capture the true workplace experience at home. Working for a real boss — an adult who doesn’t love you unconditionally — builds valuable life skills, no matter how thankless the job.

So when can you tell your kid to go get a "real" job?

Federal law says 14 years of age for most paying jobs. But there are numerous exceptions based on the type of work, your location, and the employer.

Hand harvesting local short-season crops outside school hours? As young as 10.

Working at Starbucks? 16 is the typical age, or as young as 14 in Montana.

Whatever the job, it will require a work permit from the school or local government in many counties.

How do you figure out all the options and restrictions for your child?

Check out the guidance and fact sheets on the federal child labor page of the US Department of Labor site. For a handy summary of minimum age requirements organized by state and several popular companies, browse

You may find it’s time to quit playing boss to your kids. (You can just stick to being bossy instead.)

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