Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Key To Grooming A Kidpreneur: Creating Versus Just Consuming

Today’s fantastic family finance article is:

Zombie Gamer Kid

If you’re like most normal parents, you probably aren’t seriously fixated on trying to groom the next Zuckerberg, Jobs, or Wojcicki (Anne or Susan!).

That said, you probably do like the idea of your kid developing an entrepreneur’s knack for problem solving and creativity. And, one way or another, technology is invariably involved.

The good news: your smartphone-toting, screen-staring youngster is fully engaged with technology already. The bad news: that engagement is typically on the consuming end.

While moderation is certainly a good thing, the answer isn’t necessarily cutting the screen-time cord. Instead, try shifting more of those hours from consumption to creation.

Kid loves Minecraft? Explore making mods.

Kid loves Counter-Strike? Explore designing custom maps.

Kid loves YouTube? iTunes? Explore editing and production tools.

Whining for more screen-time? Create something, and your kid might just have a deal.

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