Monday, May 23, 2016

Send Kids On A Theme Park Bargain Hunt

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What kid doesn’t want to go to an amusement park this summer?

What kid has any idea how much that actually costs?

Answers: pretty much no kid.

It’s the perfect opportunity to mix summer fun with a little personal finance education.

If your kid is angling for a trip to a theme park, say “yes!” But under one condition: your kid has to research and find the best deal.

In this episode of Stacking Benjamins, Robert Niles from Theme Park Insider shares a perfect example of where to look for some killer bargains: passes.

Compare buying one day tickets to buying annual or season passes. Even if you visit just a couple times, you might be better off buying the pass. Why? It often includes discounts or freebies on parking and in-park items like food or merchandise. It may even allow free access to other parks in the same chain.

Have your kids pencil out the math for the different scenarios. Have them look for other cost saving opportunities like off-peak times. Maybe even offer to let them apply some fraction of those savings to their souvenir and snack budgets. That should help stoke their bargain hunting fire.

Your kids will learn a quick lesson in savvy shopping. The added bonus? Your kids will appreciate the rides even more when they know how much they cost. Win, win.

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