Sunday, August 28, 2016

Run Your Own Teen Card Program That Rewards LESS Spending

Teen Reward Card For NOT Spending

What do teens think should be in their wallets? Cash back from more spending of course!

Can you blame them? Cool guy Samuel L. Jackson has been not-so subliminally feeding them that message for years.

When it comes to cards and reward programs, all teens hear is spend more, get more.

Spend more, get more points. Spend more, get more rewards. Spend more, get more cash back.

Parents know it’s just a seductive marketing lie. The reality for most people — especially those in a fragile financial state like many young adults — is spend more, get more debt.

Time to de-program our teens.

Time to create a parent-financed debit card reward program that encourages teens to spend less, not more.

How? Offer your teens an aggressive parent-paid interest rate on their bank or prepaid debit cards as a bonus for not spending. Just multiply your awesome rate times the current balance each week or month, and credit it to your teen’s card.

It’s a cash-back program that pays out a bonus for NOT spending.

What’s in your teen’s wallet?

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  1. Thanks for the tip! My brother just introduced me to FamZoo - what an incredible system! So the thanks for the tip but more importantly, thanks for FamZoo!

  2. Andy, thank you for the kind words and welcome aboard to FamZoo :-)