Saturday, August 20, 2016

Use Teen Purchase Stats To Set Fast Food Boundaries

Average Fast Food Purchase Amount By Kids

It’s inevitable that your newly minted teen will start making outings to the local fast food joint with friends. Like it or not, teen fast food junkets are a classic rite of social passage. (Relax. There are worse ones for sure!)

In fact, our FamZoo data corroborates the transition. Fast food jumps from the third most popular category of spending at 9% of transactions for pre-teens to the most popular category of spending at 22.1% of transactions for teens. Brace yourself.

Since you’ve probably learned the wisdom of picking your battles with teens by now, a ban on the fast food outings probably isn’t your best bet. But setting some reasonable boundaries is always a good idea.

The problem is, you’ve been eating so healthy lately (right? ahem!), you can’t remember what a reasonable fast food budget is. So we’ve collected some stats to help you. As you can see from the chart, the monthly average has hovered between 6 and 7 dollars for the last 8 months.

Given the data, calculating a budget around $6.50 per outing seems reasonable.

That said, if you’re still determined to squelch your teen’s fast food habit altogether, you could just use the data as your benchmark figure for the brown bag lunch bribe.

Either way, it’s handy to know what the typical teen fast food fix costs these days. (You might want to adjust your budget too. Wink. Wink.)

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