Friday, August 12, 2016

Show Your Teen The Average Price Of A Homemade Sandwich

PBJ Sandwich

“Dad, it doesn’t cost that much to eat out. Can’t you just give me some extra money on school days instead of the brown bag lunch?”

“Actually, the price of a quarter pounder is $3.79 while the average price of my homemade sandwiches is $1.07.”

“Come on, Dad. You’re making that sandwich number up.”

“Nope. It’s from the annual Brown Bag Sandwich survey conducted by the one and only Len Penzo. The 8th one just came out last month.”

“Oh joy.”

“So that’s about $2.73 extra each time you bail on one of my sandwiches. Since there are about 180 school days in a year, that’s $491.40. So if you’d like to hand over almost $500 bucks from your summer savings, no problem!”


P.S. Instead of just trolling your kid on sandwich prices, you might want to offer this brown bag savings sharing deal instead.

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