Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Show Teens How Accidents Jack Up Auto Insurance Rates, Fault Or Not!

Auto Rate Bumper

“Drive carefully. Slow it down a bit. Remember the defensive techniques I showed you. Be safe!”

“Yeah, Dad. Stop worrying so much. Sheesh.”

We’ve all seen it. The misguided teen sense of invincibility. It comes with the hormones and the underdeveloped frontal lobe.

You worry about their safety. They brush it off.

Well, here’s a different angle to try when it comes to keeping your teen safe in a car.

The pocket book.

Show your kid the financial impact of an accident on auto insurance rates. Make it clear they’ll have to pick up 100% of the tab for any such increase.

Yeah, so? How much could that be?

Well, here’s a concrete example from, ahem, my own son. Just this week we had to transition him off our policy and onto a new policy in another state.

He’s never been responsible for an accident, so we ran the initial quote with a clean driving record. Preliminary quote: $633 for 6 months. Fair enough.

Click Next.

We’ve updated your rate.

Hmm. That can’t be good.

Nope. New rate: $886 for 6 months.

Ouch. We’re talking a 40% rate increase. That translates to an extra $500 dollars for the year. That’s a lot of pizza.

Why the massive bump?

The information you entered during your quote does not match the information we found on your driving report(s).


Accident — Not at fault on 09/19/2013 Listed on CLUE

Ah, yes, the hit and run rear ender.

“Hey, that guy hit me from behind and sped off, remember?”


“That’s not fair!”

“Nope. Welcome to the real world of insurance. Imagine the rate increase if it had been your fault. Now, let’s review those defensive driving techniques...”

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