Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Decide Who’s Taking The Lead On Your Kid’s Financial Education

Money Education Baseball

You’ve seen the embarrassing moment in baseball.

A towering fly ball is hit to an open space between fielders. Both players rush over. Both pull up short. The ball drops to the ground between them. Doh!

Is that what’s happening to your kid’s financial education?

Multiple adults are rushing around frantically with none catching the responsibility?

Who’s taking the lead on teaching your child the basics of personal finance?


Your partner?

A grandparent?

For fun, I thought I’d look up the stats of the lead-off batters ordering educational prepaid cards for kids on Here’s what I found with some simplistic matching on user names and parent card labels:

Taking The LeadPercentage
Can’t tell41.4%

So who’s saying “I got it” in your family?

Whatever you do, don’t let the ball hit the ground.

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