Friday, October 28, 2016

Make Kids Journal Their Money Requests (VIDEO)

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Video Transcript

Hey, Bill here. As always, thank you for the nice mentions on social media.

Sometimes asking mom and dad for extra money is just a little too easy. Not that kids are nefarious or anything, but harried parents are a pretty easy con.

“Ugh, I’m in a rush, so I’ll just flip him a 5.”

“Did I just give her 10 bucks on Monday, or was that last week? Man, I’m losing it!”

“I wonder if he already hit Mom up for that...”

“Did I ever get change back from that 20 bucks I doled out last week?”

Any of that sound familiar?

There’s a simple solution for putting the brakes on impulsive, redundant, or (dare I say?) exploitative money requests from the kids.

Force your kids to write it down. Make’em maintain a little money request journal.

Columns can include:

  • the Date,
  • the Requested Amount,
  • a Justification,
  • the actual Approved Amount, along with some
  • Comments from you about your approval, partial approval or even total rejection,
  • an Adjusted Amount (just in case some change was actually returned),
  • and a Running Total so everyone can clearly see the money stacking up.

By the way, If you want to ditch the pen and paper and go New School, you could use a shared Google Docs sheet or an app instead.

Now, to get money out of you, kids have to take the time to fill out a new entry and seek your formal approval.

It’s amazing how a little thought, a little transparency, a little history, and, yes, even a little red tape can put some big brakes on impulsive spending.

With a money request journal, duping Mom and Dad out of extra dollars just got a whole lot harder.

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