Sunday, October 30, 2016

Spook Your Teens With Scary Debt Stories BEFORE College

Scary Debt Face

Lindsay used student loan money to take a 3 month hiatus from school, visit a (now ex) boyfriend, and buy a pricey spinning wheel and drum carder for a knitting hobby. Now she's struggling to pay back over $50,000 in student loan debt. Frightening.

Melanie went to school, worked hard, earned good grades, and never had a credit card, a mortgage, or any other debt. She racked up $81,000 in student debt and couldn’t find full time work. Chilling.

Amber and Danny emerged from law school and dental school with over half a million dollars in student debt — $623,620 to be precise. Yes, you read that right. Truly hair raising!

Each shares their frightening debt stories openly in hopes of helping others in the same predicament.

Share their stories with your teens to avoid the same predicament.

Spooking your teens scary debt stories before they go to college, might just help them steer clear of becoming one after.


P.S. Happy Halloween!

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