Saturday, October 1, 2016

See 75 Random Things Kids Are Saving For.

Saving jar.

Seeing what kids are saving for can be revealing, amusing, classic, impressive, and even inspiring.

Here are 75 random savings goals kids have created recently on

  1. iPhone7.
  2. An awesome Razor scooter.
  3. LEGO City Police Station.
  4. Harry Potter Hermione “...I’m Highly Logical...” Magnet.
  5. LEGO Super Heroes Jokerland Building Kit.
  6. Lil Woodzeez Family Treehouse 22-Piece Playset.
  7. A donation on
  8. An adoptive family travel heritage trip to Guatemala.
  9. Playstation 4.
  10. Disney souvenir money.
  11. A manicure.
  12. FIFA 17 Standard Edition.
  13. Snap circuits.
  14. Christmas shopping fund.
  15. Rick Riordan’s Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard book series.
  16. LEGO Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters Building Kit
  17. iPod Touch
  18. Super Deluxe Bow and Arrow Costume Accessory Set
  19. The Pokémon Sun game for the Nintendo 3DS.
  20. Summer camp (with a savings match from Mom).
  21. National Wildlife Federation’s Ultimate Wild Animal Baby Adoption Kit
  22. A pocket knife.
  23. Soccer team road trip.
  24. LEGO Ninjago Blaster Bike
  25. Bird necklace.
  26. “This X-Box will allow [sister’s name] and I to bond even further than minecraft. We will be able to play The Sims together, possibly LEGO Dimensions, and LEGO Star Wars games!! We will pay for all the games and we promise we will always finish our homework before even LOOKING at the X-Box. We will always be responsible and change the input of the TV back to Cable when we're done. The only thing we ask of you is that maybe you could pay half of the cost? I mean it's only $140 for you and $140 for me. sooooo yeah!!”
  27. An investment in the stock market.
  28. iPad mini
  29. Birthdays, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, and more celebrations.
  30. Minecraft.
  31. A $50 emergency fund.
  32. Hover board.
  33. Seed funds to start a company at 18.
  34. Magic: The Gathering.
  35. A puppy, including transportation and vet visits.
  36. A Chromebook.
  37. A 3D Doodling Pen.
  38. A graphics card upgrade.
  39. Beanie Boos Safari the Giraffe
  40. “I want to get a phone sooo bad, mostly because everyone else has one. But also because mine is running out of storage and the camera is half broken.”
  41. Junior drum set.
  42. Disneyland tickets.
  43. A fit bit.
  44. A survival backpack.
  45. A dirt bike.
  46. Horse riding boots.
  47. “I love mom very, very much and I want to buy her pretty things!”
  48. To go on dates.
  49. College.
  50. MacBook.
  51. Electric violin.
  52. Road bike.
  53. Kinect.
  54. Earbuds.
  55. A car by Summer 2023.
  56. A church mission trip.
  57. A used Xbox.
  58. A $500 emergency fund by age 18.
  59. A phone insurance fund (in case it’s broken or lost).
  60. Hamster cage, bedding, and food.
  61. Concert fund.
  62. Basketball, baseball and football shoes
  63. Paintball.
  64. 3D printer.
  65. American Girl doll.
  66. A new hair style.
  67. Airsoft gun.
  68. Parrot Mini Drone Jumping Sumo
  69. Washington D.C. trip.
  70. Donation to Alzheimer’s disease research.
  71. Apple iWatch.
  72. Aero sweater.
  73. A Kindle.
  74. Baseball batting practice.
  75. Dragon shield sleeves.

What’s your kid saving for?

See anything on that list that makes you want to sit down and have a saving discussion with your child today?

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