Monday, October 31, 2016

Try One Of October's Top Five Family Finance Tips This Fall

October Porch Pumpkins

Looking to turn over a new financial leaf with the kids this fall? Try one of the five most popular family finance tips from October:

  1. Reimburse Your Teen’s Uber And Lyft Rides — Here’s one thing you might consider reimbursing for your teens. No questions asked.
  2. Make Kids Journal Their Money Requests — Here’s another way (aside from a budget-based allowance) to put the brakes on impulsive extra money requests from your kids.
  3. Use Reimbursements To Condition Teens To Maintain A Spending Buffer — Here are two important personal finance lessons your teens can learn using a reimbursement process for everyday purchases.
  4. Decide Who’s Taking The Lead On Your Kid’s Financial Education — Don’t let the ball drop between parents when it comes to your child’s money schooling. See which parent is taking the lead most often in FamZoo families.
  5. Ditch Directives And Tell Kids Real Money Stories — Kids don’t listen to “Don’t do this!” and “Always do that!” Tell some real money failure stories about yourself to make the lessons stick. The more of a money moron you were, the better. Here’s an example.

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