Saturday, November 12, 2016

Hire Your Youngsters To Find Stray Decorations

Decorations And Coins.

Ah, the holidays.

You drag the boxes down from the attic.

You decorate the house from head to toe.

The family enjoys a festive holiday.

You undecorate.

You lug the boxes back up to the attic.

Phew. Done!

Not so fast.

That’s when you find the stray decoration lurking in a nook here or a cranny there. It’s inevitable.

Finding all your decorations while cleaning up after the holidays is like finding all the typos in your own writing. One or two always slip through the cracks.

There’s a simple solution though. I stumbled upon it while analyzing some anonymous Halloween related transactions on our family finance site today. I noticed this credit to an account:

Found Halloween Decoration: $0.50

Looks like a parent paid a kid 50 cents for finding a stray Halloween decoration. Brilliant!

Before you make that final ascent up to the attic with your holiday boxes this year, offer your kids a modest bounty for any stray decorations they can find.

It’s a fun way for your kids to put a little jingle in their pockets while eliminating some holiday hassle for you. Win, win.

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