Friday, November 18, 2016

Turn Why Into How When Kids Whine About Money (VIDEO)

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Video Transcript

Hey, Bill here. As always, thank you for the nice mentions on social media.

Every parent’s heard it: “Dad, why can’t I have BLANK?”

The Lego set. The latest iPhone. The designer jeans. The high end gaming device. You name it.

So you reach for your standard “because”...

“Because we can’t afford it.”

“Because you don’t need it.”

“Because I said so.”

Because mom or dad’s the bad guy, right?

Well, don’t let your kid play the victim. Flip the script. Change the question from why to how.

“How can you earn enough to buy BLANK yourself?”

Maybe some odd jobs around the house.

Maybe some paid gigs in the neighborhood.

Maybe some simple freelance tasks.

Maybe creating and selling some creations online.

Suddenly, you’re not the bad guy any more.

You’re the friendly facilitator because you turned why into how.

The funny thing is, after kids figure out the how, and put in all that effort to earn enough money, they often realize that BLANK really isn’t worth it after all.

How cool is that?

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