Friday, November 11, 2016

Make #GivingTuesday Your Kid's Annual Habit (VIDEO)

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Hey, Bill here. As always, thank you for the nice mentions on social media.

Here’s a simple trick for making charitable giving a habit with your kids: schedule it. Anchor your kids donations to a special day of the year. Make giving an annual tradition.

The holidays are a popular target, but, man, can they be hectic. So pick a day right after a holiday instead of right on one. Try #GivingTuesday. It’s the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. The perfect charitable atonement for two days of rabid consumerism.

You can read all about this global day of giving at

Now here’s a quick recipe to get rolling with your kids before #GivingTuesday hits this year.

  1. Set a giving goal. Get the kids to set goals for how much and where to donate. Need ideas, check out and Two of my favorites.
  2. Allocate funds. Set up a separate jar, prepaid card, or account where your kid can accumulate a portion of each allowance, chore, odd job, or birthday payment. Here’s an idea: let your kids pick the percentage. Their choices just might surprise you.
  3. Kick in a consumption tax. For extra credit, impose your own Black Friday / Cyber Monday family tax. Add 10% of those extra purchases to your charitable buckets. The tax will either amp up giving or tamp down spending. Either way, it’s a win.
  4. Celebrate with an #UNSelfie. Capture your giving moment on social media to encourage other families to join in.

So that’s how you can start making charitable giving a lifelong holiday tradition with your kids this year. Mark #GivingTuesday on your family calendar today.

Want to turn these tips into action? Check out

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