Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Make a Gratitude List With Your Child

Son Holding Dog For Which He Is Grateful

In the Money ABCs I put together for my kids, “H” is for “Happiness through gratitude, not gratification.”

So how do we build a sense of gratitude in our kids?

One way is through little daily rituals, like giving thanks before a meal. Another is through occasional simple exercises, like making a gratitude list. Younger kids can use your guidance, older ones can handle it solo.

One of my college age sons penned this top 10 gratitude list while we were sitting at the kitchen table today:

  1. I’m grateful for my family (including Colby, our piebald dachshund).
  2. I’m grateful for my friends.
  3. I’m grateful for the opportunities I’ve been given.
  4. I’m grateful for my health.
  5. I’m grateful for not having to worry about my next meal.
  6. I’m grateful for human empathy and drive.
  7. I’m grateful to those whose shoulders we stand on.
  8. I’m grateful to my struggles for shaping me.
  9. I’m grateful for my freedom.
  10. I’m grateful for democracy and the peaceful transition of power in the US.

I’d say that’s a pretty epic list.

Me? I’m grateful to have my son home from college for the holidays.

What’s on your family’s gratitude list?

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