Monday, November 21, 2016

Nudge Your Kid's Charitable Impulses With Giving Allocation Data

Spend-Save-Give Allocations On FamZoo

Thanksgiving, the holidays, and New Year's provide the perfect backdrop for charitable giving discussions with the kids.

Should they be setting aside a portion of their own money for donations?

If so, how much?

As I’ve written before, I like the idea of letting kids make that decision. After a thoughtful conversation with you.

It’s a conversation worth revisiting periodically though. Kids mature.

Here’s how you can inject a little data into your next charitable checkpoint. I measured the average allocations for kids on our family finance site who split their income into multiple categories. The numbers:

  • 61.06% to spending
  • 27.68% to saving
  • 11.26% to charitable giving

How does 11% match up with your kid’s latest thinking?

There’s no right answer, but a little data might just be the nudge your kids need to up their charitable games this year.

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